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A HTTP cookie (usually just called a cookie) is a small amount of data sent from us to your web browser. Each time you visit one of our sites, your web browser sends us back this text. To find out more about cookies, please visit 

Why Offers365 Uses Cookies

As an affiliate network, we promote a wide number of offers and marketing links on our site. It is our job to ensure that an affiliated website is paid in return for promoting offers or brands on their website or through other traffic means.

This payment system is facilitated by the use of cookies to allow our system to notice when an affiliate is due commission via a referral to a merchant. None of our cookies contain any personally identifiable information.

Whilst these cookies are required for some of our systems to work, we fully respect your choice as a end user, if you would rather not use our services to their full potential, we do provide full instructions on where to find more information, and how to go about removing cookies from your system.

We may also use cookies to store preferences, such as your chosen language when you log in, these cookies are implemented for your convenience and work to improve your browsing experience.

The reason a lot of things on the internet are either free or heavily discounted is because a website can make money through advertising rather than charging you. It is our belief that allowing this to continue and allowing affiliates to be rewarded for their work is preferable to paying higher costs.

If You Want to Remove Our Cookies

Note that if you do decide to delete our cookies you may end up paying more for goods, and/or not receiving commissions or prizes due to you.

If you need instructions on how to delete cookies from your browser, please click here.

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