"Influencers Should Go Further Than Compliance if they Want to Retain Trust

Trust in influencers is declining. In fact, according to research by content marketing platform Miappi, consumers are likely to trust a message less if it comes from an influencer.

A 2019 study by Influence.co, an influencer marketing platform, confirms it, concluding that most consumers believe it’s their own responsibility to research a product that an influencer recommends."

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"Hiring During Lockdown: How We’ve Grown Our Startup in These Uncertain Times

One advantage we have is that we have always been location independent. I am based in the UK, and our cofounder is based in Amsterdam. We’ve been open to recruiting and working remotely from the start — but this year’s events may quickly neutralize that advantage for us."

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Startups Magazine

"Is coronavirus going to be a great leveller?

Just before lockdown started, Offers365 began a new period of expansion. This meant that we needed more people. But while other businesses had to put their expansion plans on hold, going into survival mode to weather the lockdown, we were able to continue meeting our growth targets."

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Startups Magazine

"Marketing startup is calling for the industry to be cleaned up

I’ve heard it all - reputational damage caused by a brand ad promoted alongside inappropriate content, intrusive marketing methods on affiliate websites, and even outright ad fraud. After experiencing such shoddy practices with affiliate networks, it’s understandable that some advertisers end up deciding to spend their marketing budget elsewhere."

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Talk Business

"Our industry needs regulation – affiliate marketing startup on a cleanup mission

The affiliate marketing is one sector that suffers from reputational issues that a regulator could go some way to fixing. And it’s a rapidly growing UK startup that’s leading the charge. Offers365 was founded in 2019 with the “goal to create a true performance marketing network capable of helping businesses to grow their customer base”, according to founding director Seun Olabisi."

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BE Business Excellence

"Offers365: Open For Business

At a time when many UK businesses are struggling amid the economic storm brought by the coronavirus epidemic, one small team in Manchester offers an optimistic outlook on the future. Offers365, founded by Seun Olabisi, is an affiliate marketing company with a staff of just four and a client list which would be the envy of most marketing firms with teams five times bigger."

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Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund

"Case Studies - Offers365

Manchester-based marketing company Offers365  received a five-figure investment from NPIF – BFS & MSIF Microfinance, managed by GC Business Finance & MSIF and part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund."

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Insider Media

"Five-Figure Investment For Offers365

The investment from the GC Business Finance-managed scheme will be used to boost headcount from four to eight employees as the company looks to expand its client base into different markets.

Director Seun Olabisi said: "This investment is vital for us as a small firm in order to expand the business beyond what we have been able to do with our working capital."

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